Whom you employ or hire is an important decision. It is very inefficient having to watch over everything an employee does. And it is very expensive making things right after serious mistakes.

Jethro gives Moses criteria when he is about to delegate some of his office as judge:

Choose some capable men among the people – make sure your people have the necessary skills – or the ability to learn them quickly.

– men who respect God, who can be trusted – think of the difference in dealing with people you know you can trust – and people you have to watch or be careful with.

– and who will not change their decisions for money – there are many people who do and cultures where this is accepted. But it is a terrible thing for a society not being able to rely on people in public office or in businesses dealing fairly with them.

Watching out for character is the key. It even pays off in the end, though that is not why we should do it.