You might know what is best for your children – that it is not smart as a family to leave the airport check-in queue, that they should not eat toothpaste, that jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim isn’t a good idea.

You might know as a leader that some investment, hard work or painful changes will pay off in the end for all – but you might still encounter serious resistance.

On their way to Canaan, the Israelites faced thirst, lack of food and dangerous enemies. It is understandable that they were worried. Still, from Moses’ perspective, they had the Lord’s promise that they would reach the promised land, so doubt in their success was really doubting the Lord.

Therefore, Moses cried out to God “What can I do with these people? They are almost ready to stone me to death.” (Ex 17.4 NCV).

I identify with him, though I would need a high level of security to put people through what he did. But things might look different to a leader, the challenge is communicating it so that people follow.

God answers Moses and brings the people water. He doesn’t have to solve the problem or create trust himself. Prayer might be part of the solution. I also find that it’s good to see that even the great leaders of the Bible weren’t always believed or followed.