We told you in Egypt, ‘let us alone; we will stay and serve the Egyptians.’ (Ex 14:12, NCV)

It just was not so that the Israelites backed Moses up completely, when he came out of the desert to lead them out of Egypt.

And when Pharaoh came chasing after them with his army, they told him: ‘We never wanted to leave. Serving was ok. It was safe. We should have gone on as we did.’

In many situations, we stick with what’s safe and familiar, though something better might be available.

It is sensible to consider and weigh the risk of change, but sometimes our fear of what’s new keeps us from taking necessary action. Moses had to struggle with conservatism and an instinct to chose security. It took courage to leave Egypt.

Challenging oppression takes courage. Many dictatorships, anti-worker-friendly systems have an ally in our slowness to change. Risktaking should be well-considered and calculated, but a critical eye towards our leaning towards comfort might serve us well in the long run.